Lessons in teamwork from Saturn and other leading companies
Nancy Brown-Johnston

Dit boek beschrijft de lessen die door Nancy Brown-Johnson (als directeur training en development) zijn geleerd bij Saturn The Car Company (Verenigde Staten), een dochteronderneming van General Motors. GM heeft Saturn halverwege de 80-er jaren opgericht om belangrijke veranderingen door te voeren in de manier waarop hun auto’s ontworpen, gebouwd en verkocht werden. Vanaf het begin werkte Saturn op basis van een waardengedreven organisatiecultuur en een filosofie die het beste kan worden samengevat als win-win. Saturn werd als team-based organisation zeer succesvol.

Doelgroep: Trainers, adviseurs, HR managers, teamleiders.

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Not just another theoretical book about teams, The Driving Force is a guide to making teams work through the integration of theory and practical application provided by hands-on examples broken into three sections: I. Team Basics; II. Types of Teams; III. Team Toolkit. This book is written for those who have worked with teams before with less than optimal results, and for those who believe in teams but don’t knonw where to begin. Here, the author shows how to leverage the skills, talents, and interests of employees to maximize collaboration and performance. The fact is, teams are everywhere and a part of the fabric of everyday life, whether on the soccer field or in a corporate structure. Done well, teams inspire and motivate; done poorly, they lead to disappointment and failure. The Driving Force takes the life-long lessons learned by Nancy Brown-Johnston and her colleagues and helps the reader to improve the success rate of teams in all environments. Also included: Assessments for a wide range of uses.


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